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What Not To Buy During The Winter

Save Money On Winter Shopping

Saving money this winter is easy when you steer clear of these items and wait to buy them later. Summer Vegetables When it comes to grocery shopping the best way to save money is by making sure you are buying the fruits and vegetables that are in season. I realize that depending on where you […]


Car Leasing Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Car Leasing Made Easy

  More and more people are turning to car leasing as a way of making ownership of a brand new car more affordable and cost effective.  Whether you are looking to lease a car for business, or personally, the benefits are numerous but many people still don’t take up the benefits because the whole process […]


Tips For Success On Black Friday

Black Friday Success Tips

After we’ve all had our fills at the Thanksgiving feast the time will come to prepare for that other American tradition – Black Friday.  It begins the Christmas Shopping Season, millions of Americans will head out to pack the malls, shop like crazy & grab some of the greatest deals of the season. Before you […]


5 Top Ranking Factors that Affect Renters Insurance

Best Renters Insurance

There are only a handful of ranking factors that determine your renters insurance rate, as opposed to car insurance where the are around a dozen. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what the carriers are looking at behind the scenes when they come up with all those policy rate numbers. CoverHound has […]


Practice What You Preach: How Your Poor Financial Planning Affects Your Children

Family Finances

“Do as I say, not as I do,” is a favorite phrase for many parents, even though we all know it’s not a great way to parent. No matter what you say, your children are going to learn a lot by your example, whether that example is about your eating habits, lifestyle choices, or even […]


How To Budget When You’re Broke

How to budget when you have no money

In today’s tough economy having a strict budget and managing your money is essential. Way too many people are living with budgets that do not reflect their financial situation they are overspending on categories they shouldn’t and then are left with not enough to spend on areas they should. Take a recent study by Nielsen […]


How To Save Money On Groceries Without Using Coupons

Save Money On Groceries

We all know that coupons save money but here are a few other ways you can save money food shopping without having to spend your Sundays sifting through the paper cutting out all the latest coupons. Choose The Right Store Picking the right store to go to will make all the difference in the world […]


Could You Be An Emotional Shopper?

Emotional Shopper

At some point or another we have all done it – indulged in a little retail therapy. Whether it was after a tough day or to celebrate an achievement we tend to splurge and make impulsive decisions when our emotions run high, these impulse buys are some of the worst kinds of budget busters. It’s […]


The Secret To Saving Money On School Textbooks

Back to school saving on textbooks

In the midst of all the Back to School chaos I’m sure you’ve realized that one of your biggest expenses will be textbooks.  College textbooks can easily cost $100 per book and if you’re taking several classes this will add up very quickly.  While you might think that you don’t really have any other choice […]


Why It’s Getting Easier and Easier to Buy

How We Spend

The way we acquire goods and services has changed dramatically over the past century. While it took several millennia to go from a barter system to a system of currency, it’s taken only a few decades to move away from physical currency to the card-based and electronic-based transaction systems we have today. Buying has, in […]


Back To School Savings

Save on Back To School Supplies

It’s the time of year again when everyone starts buying up the goodies they need for the new school year.  Whether you are buying for elementary, high school or college chances are you will need to be stocking up on supplies, text books, new clothes and shoes. It’s important to keep in mind though that […]


How to Save Money on Skin Care, Makeup, and Other Beauty Products

Save Money on Makeup

This post is for us ladies out there who want to look like a million dollars but don’t want to spend a fortune  on beauty products.  Everything I talk about in this blog post are products that I tried and absolutely fell in love with.  I use these products every day and I highly recommend […]


Be Smart and Safe About Your Financial Information Online

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Surviving in the modern world can be more difficult without proper and effective financial management. Being smart and safe in all financial transactions and activities will surely bring about more advantages. Money is certainly and always hard earned. It is important not to let it just slip out of your hand senselessly. Take care of […]


4 Ways To Save Money When You Shop At The Market

Save Money on Groceries

Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping Tips Going to the grocery store is getting to be a budget busting event these days, with the astronomic rise in food prices lately this seems to be a trend that will only be getting worse.    Just the other day a quick stop at the local Super Target turned into $50+ […]


5 Ways to Cut Back Everyday Expenses

Saving Money on Expenses

If you find yourself in debt, cutting back on your regular expenses so that you can put more money toward paying off that debt is important. When you find ways to successfully lower the amount of money that you have going out each month, it helps you pay off debt faster and save money on […]


Saving Money On Wine – A Personal Story

Save Money On Wine

The other day Darla and I were looking over our finances and realized that we were spending $800 a year on our Wine Club memberships.  We had never really looked at it like that before and to say the least we were shocked.  Here we were spending so much money and only getting 24 bottles […]


The Quick Road to Credit Card Debt – Home Shopping Channel Addiction

Home Shopping Addiction

It was recently brought to my attention some of the great dangers of Home Shopping Channel Addiction; I was having a conversation discussing the dangers of impulse buying and we fell onto the topic of the home shopping shows.  Then the other day as I was wondering around Yahoo Finance I saw an article about […]


Fresh & Healthy Low-Cost Shopping List

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Go to any healthy market and you will find yourself paying significantly more for fresh produce and goods; any trip down to your local Henry’s, Whole Foods, Baron’s or other similar store will prove my point.  So the question then becomes how do you eat healthy without overspending? To start it’s important to have a […]


The Prices Of Used Cars Reach New Record Highs

Used Car Prices

The most recent report of the Manheim Used Car Value Index reached a new all time high in May.  The Index measures the wholesale auction costs for used cars that dealers around the United States pay; in May the Index reached 127.8, a 5.6% overall increase from a year ago.  Some of the greatest jumps […]


Buyer Beware – Food Inflation Is Here

Rising Costs Of Food

Caveat Emptor is more important now than ever! The other day I wrote about the radically rising costs of food around the world.  I warned that we could face serious socio-economic troubles here in America should people all of a sudden find themselves faced with severe inflation.  I’m here to say that we have a […]