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How to Stay Afloat Financially After Losing Your Job

How To Survive Getting Laid Off

The recent economic downturn has affected many businesses and cost employees across the nation their jobs, and when you are one of those who has been let go, you need a plan of action in order to survive. Several practical tips can help you stay afloat financially during this stressful time. Family Involvement Involve the […]


Money Rules To Live By

Rules For Managing Your Money

8 Foundational rules of financial education that you need to know and understand in order to take charge of your finances and build true wealth. When it comes to financial literacy among young American’s the numbers look pretty bleak. A study by the National Council on Economic Education, which covered over 20 economic and personal […]


Ways to Start Investing With Minimal Risk or Money

Low Risk Investing

Developing good financial habits at an early age will serve you well for the rest of your life. Investing wisely is a skill that everyone should learn. Even if you do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your savings account, there are ways that you can still invest. Company Sponsored Retirement Plans If […]


5 Top Ranking Factors that Affect Renters Insurance

Best Renters Insurance

There are only a handful of ranking factors that determine your renters insurance rate, as opposed to car insurance where the are around a dozen. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what the carriers are looking at behind the scenes when they come up with all those policy rate numbers. CoverHound has […]


Choosing The Best College Savings Plan: Coverdell ESA

Coverdell Education Savings Account

Are you considering investing in your child’s college education?  Ever wonder which college savings program is right for your specific financial situation?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  In part 1, I discussed the 529 College Savings plans.  You can read about the 529 college savings plan here: 529 College Savings Plan In today’s post, I will talk […]


Choosing The Best College Savings Plan: 529 Plans

529 College Savings Plan

Ever wonder which college savings plan is right for your child?  Through the myriad of choices, it can be quite complicated to figure out which plan makes sense to your specific financial situation.  In this 3-part series of  blog posts, I will talk about the types of college savings plans available. There are generally 3 […]


Top 10 Most Useful Android Financial Applications

Best Android Personal Finance Apps

Android is one of the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems. If you own a phone that runs on the platform, you already know how useful it is as you can make and receive unlimited long distance phone. However, Android smartphones offer many additional great phone features that include the usage of apps that can […]


3 Essential Financial Conversations You Need To Have Today

Important Financial Conversations

There are 3 critical discussions you need to have with your spouse or partner to ensure a financially sound and happy home life. Whether you’re newly married or been together for decades these 3 topics are essential and if you’ve haven’t already you should set aside some time to go over and discuss viewpoints on […]


How To Budget When You’re Broke

How to budget when you have no money

In today’s tough economy having a strict budget and managing your money is essential. Way too many people are living with budgets that do not reflect their financial situation they are overspending on categories they shouldn’t and then are left with not enough to spend on areas they should. Take a recent study by Nielsen […]


Retirement Plan For The Millennial Generation

Millennial Generation Retirement

4 Essential Steps You Need To Take For A Comfortable Retirement The other day I ordered breakfast from McDonalds, and was so saddened by the woman who took our order.  She was a sweet old lady about 85 years of age.  “Why is this woman still working?” I thought to myself.  Perhaps she was bored […]


Ways to Gain Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Everyone wants to gain financial independence of course. But very few people actually have it, or take the steps to achieve it. Luckily it is actually very simple once you get started. Financial independence should not be confused with being wealthy, it simply means that you are comfortable in your financial shoes so to speak. […]


Strategies for Young Adults to Save Money

Saving Money

Young adults in America are currently saving more money than before based on recent information provided by financial institutions like America Saves. However, almost half of young adults that range from the ages of 18 to 35 are not saving money. This urgent issue must be addressed since the earliest that a person starts to […]


4 Ways To Save Money When You Shop At The Market

Save Money on Groceries

Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping Tips Going to the grocery store is getting to be a budget busting event these days, with the astronomic rise in food prices lately this seems to be a trend that will only be getting worse.    Just the other day a quick stop at the local Super Target turned into $50+ […]


The 50-30-20 Budget Rule: How You Can Save Money Faster

50 30 20 Budget Rule

What is the 50-30-20 Budget Rule Budgeting is perhaps the most critical aspect of saving. The key to the 50-30-20 budget rule is to distinguish between wants and desires. The 50-30-20 budget rule derives its name from the concept 50% of income (after tax deductions) should be spent on needs 30% should be spent on […]


The Second Phase of Your Financial Life

Protecting Your Assets

Life Cycle Phase 2:  The Conservation and Protection Phase The Conservation and Protection phase is represented by people in their late 30’s to early 40’s and typically with dependent children.  This particular phase of the financial life cycle begins when one has acquired some assets.  Things like a home or investments or a business would […]


What Is A Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Savings Account

Use it or lose it! A Flexible Spending Account also known as an FSA is a financial account that can be set up through a cafeteria plan from your employer in the United States.  An FSA allows the employee to set aside pre-tax dollars that can be used for medical expenses, dental care, child care […]


How British Savings Compare

British Savings

The UK, US and Canada might have their differences but they also have quite a lot in common – and we’re not just talking about the fact they all use the English language. The three countries also offer savings products that have quite a few similarities, and this article takes a look at what they […]