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Welcome to the Rolodex of Recommended Resources

Online Personal Budgeting – FREE 30 day trial

A Powerful online software for budgeting and managing all your finances.  It’s highly customizable and intuitive so it’s perfect for the beginner but powerful enough for a Master. This is the software we have used for several years on handling all our personal finances!

One of the keys to success is to be a lifetime learner

The following is a list of recommended resources to help you with managing every aspect of your personal finances.  We’ve used countless resources and read through numerous books but these are the ones that have made the biggest impact on each one of us.  We will add to the list as we find products and services that make managing your personal finances easier.

It’s part of our mission to be upfront and honest so please note that some of the links below are affiliate links to products that will earn us a small commission.  These are all helpful resources and companies that we trust and have personal experience with, that is why we are recommending them, not because of the commissions that we may earn.



These are the books that completely changed our lives by directing us in the direction of success and wealth!  Read at your own risk, they may very well change you life too!

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad:  This book will either be a blessing or a curse.  Read at your own risk, once you learn something there is no going back.
  • Cash Flow Quadrant:  Discusses the 4 ways to earn income and the respective tax implications of each one.
  • Think And Grow Rich:  This book helped to develop my mindset to think like the super rich.  It will give you a great foundation to understanding wealth.
  • The Millionaire Next Door:  This book helped me to find my niche and take action.
  • Getting Things Done:  This book increased my productivity by helping me get organized and focused.
  • Four Hour Work Week:  Great book about lifestyle design that will completely change the way you think.
  • The Answer:  This book is like my business bible, it completely changed the way I think.  If you follow what this book tells you, it will honestly rewire your brain for success.

There are many more powerful books in our recommended library!


Personal Finance Audio Book Collection

An entire collection of audio books devoted to personal finance and investing.

Leadership Audio Book Collection

A series of audio books dedicated to bringing out the best and most powerful skills in you to lead to the next level.

Legal and Tax Assistance

Knowing how to protect your assets is essential to creating lasting wealth

  • LegalZoom:  This is a easy to use service to help you with your legal documentation from creating a Will to creating a company.  LegalZoom also help with patents, trademarks, and copyrighting.  I used them to create some of my LLC’s.
  • TurboTax: Manage your taxes and file online for the quickest turnaround on your refund
  • The easiest way to manage and organize all your receipts and expenses. Store everything on the cloud and access it whenever you need, clear up the clutter.

Internet Business Courses

  • Internet Business Mastery Academy:  This is where we learned everything about starting an internet business.   Internet Business Mastery Academy is by far the best online internet business community around.

Investment and Retirement Accounts

  • :  Easy to use online brokerage firm.  Low commissions, great customer service.
  • Betterment: Smart and simple investing on autopilot
  • Lending Club: Peer to Peer Lending, passive income through investing in other people
  • Purchase gold and silver as well as precious metals investment strategy research

Online Budgeting and Debt Management

  • Mvelopes:  A user friendly online system for tracking, budgeting, and financial forecasting.  I’ve used Mvelopes for over 5 years now and I highly recommend it.  The best tool to gain control of your finances.
  • Debtgoal:  An online tool to help you manage, track, and set goals for paying off credit card debt.
  • Mint: A FREE online budgeting tool.  A simplified version of Mvelopes, it’s great if you are just beginning to take control over your finances.

Web Services

  • Hostgator:  Easy to use web hosting service that can grow as your business grows.  They offer a wide variety of hosting packages that will fit your needs whether you are just starting out or a veteran business owner.
  • AWeber: The leader in email autoresponders and email list management
  • Grasshopper: Simple easy to use virtual business phone lines, have a business number and extensions and departments options, it just works. Give yourself the professional edge by having a business line.

*This page will be modified and grow as we find the best resources to help streamline your personal and professional life, so make sure to visit this page frequently and feel free to offer suggestions.