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Peter Serrano

Peter SerranoWho Am I?

  • Husband
  • Financial Blogger
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Chef
  • Wine Fan
  • Doggy Dad

I think that sums me up pretty well; I’m a chronic Investor and Entrepreneur who can be found buried deep in the Wall Street Journal and CNBC researching and watching the Market at most times during the day. I’ve been investing for well over a decade since my 18th birthday – I tried sooner but they wouldn’t let me an open an account. When it comes to investing I dabble my own mixture of Value, Fundamental, Trend and Dividend strategies.  I don’t believe any one method is the best and you need a balanced diversified strategy portfolio with different time horizons.  In a nutshell you should invest for the short, medium, and long-term as well as have both conservative safer assets mixed in with higher risk growth options.

As an entrepreneur I’ve built several businesses as well as worked as an employee; I’ve done everything from building corporations from scratch to digging ditches in construction jobs, I know both sides of the fence as an employer and employee I’ve made lots of money – wearing Armani and driving a Deep Sea Blue Metallic 5 Series BMW to being broke and bankrupt and everywhere in between.

In the midst of this roller coaster life I met my beautiful amazing wife Darla who is also just as enamored with finance, investing and entrepreneurship – in fact she’s a financial planner. She’s been truly a rock in my life and  has been a big inspiration in motivating me to create what has become the Personal Finance Mastery Community sharing my knowledge and experiences to help others take control over their finances and start building True Wealth.  My goal  is for all this to truly be a community where it’s a 2 way street so I encourage you to get involved, ask questions, share and help others.

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