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Business Owners New Year’s Resolution: Getting Your Finances Organized

Organize Your LifeSmall business owners are certainly a group of people that needs to think about getting and remaining organized. If they can manage to do this for their business, then that business will grow, and the employees will be happier. Organization is a goal that most people have, but sadly many do not end up reaching this goal for themselves because they are simply confused about where to begin. There are a few simple tips that can help you get started right in the New Year.

Review where you have come from

To know where you are going to, it is important to know where you have come from, so you’ll want to look at last year’s tax payments and compare them to how you are doing so far this year. Have you seen any growth in revenues? If so, you may need to prepare for a larger tax bill this year than what you paid this year, it is important to remember that you can and should prepare for these things.

Use Apps To Get Organized

Applications are everywhere, and there are a great many that are designed with the small business owner in mind. It is important to get some of these apps on your smartphone if you have not already, and pay particularly close attention to those apps which are part of the cloud, as this is a great way to keep all of the important information that you need all in one place.

Spring Cleaning Early

Literally doing some physical cleaning can be an important part of making the right moves towards organization, as you never know what kind of things you are going to find once you start cleaning. It will also help to clear out some spaces that you may be able to put to better use doing other things, this is the way that most people are able to see it anyway. Perhaps you should also give this type of cleaning some consideration.

Get A Business Credit Card

Using a card with the best frequent flyer credit cards is a good way for you to start to reward yourself for the spending that you are going to be doing no matter what. Not only that, but you’ll keep better track of company spending, you’ll build positive credit towards your company, and not to mention how easy it will be to use. Find a card that works best for your needs and is tailored to you with your spending, your travel frequency, and how often you’ll be using it.

Talk To Your CPA

It is always time to start preparing for tax season as it’s just around the corner, even if it does not feel like it. As such, you need to talk to your CPA about what you can do to start preparing for the tax bill that you are going to be hit with come April. Having a little guidance from your CPA can help you to weather the storm a little better, and feel more prepared.

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